Iranian Community USA

U.S. Census data estimates that there are an estimated 1 million Iranian-Americans living in the U.S. Many Iranians in the U.S. fled the theocracy in Iran, hoping to live in freedom as a Persian-American. In Iranian-American society, they’ve found professional and financial prosperity and have benefitted from the American system that enabled their success. Being an Iranian in the USA can be rewarding, and this passion for Iranian American culture serves as motivation for many an Iranian community organization.

The Organization of Iranian-American Communities-US was established in 1997. In 2012, Iranian-American organizations from 40 states joined forces to collaborate and work toward a vision of bringing peaceful, democratic change to Iran. We recognize that a peaceful, free Iran requires an alternate government rather than the religious fascism which now engulfs Iran today. We work towards that goal by supporting the efforts of Iranians in Iran to reform their government and by showcasing Persian American culture here in the United States.

As recently as 1953, Iranians enjoyed the beginnings of a democratic framework with more equality for women and national sovereignty. The country enjoyed a democratically-elected Parliament at the time. However, by 1979, the Iranian people rejected a dictatorship in an inspired revolution. Unfortunately, that freedom movement was hijacked by the current clerical directors of Iran.

The Persian people have a rich history of embracing and struggling for democracy. As exiles, the members of the Iranian community in the U.S. have made activism and freedom for Iran a central focus of our lives in America. As a Persian-America, Iranian community organization, we work to improve the conditions in both America and Iran.